MON, 22.07.
4 pm

D 2016 · Dokumentary · 33 min.
Director Nadja Büchler, Nicole Rieber
Language German

There are ever more refugee children in Germany who have fled from war and violence. However, this new life in Germany is not easy: They are confronted with a strange culture and language and the living spaces in the camps don’t leave any room to study or to play. If and how much help a child gets, is very dependent on individual social workers. The three directors follow Ramin from Afghanistan and the Lebanese brothers Abdalalh and Ibrahim for one year. In front oft the camera the children tell their stories which allow the audience to get an inside view of their daily lives and their feelings.

Nadja Büchler, Nicole Rieber


Director of Photography
Benjamin Dornis

Benjamin Dornis

Jo Bischofberger

Sound design
Nadja Büchler, Nicole Rieber

Benjamin Dornis

Nadja Büchler, Nicole Rieber, Benjamin Dornis

Nadja Büchler, Nicole Rieber, Benjamin Dornis

Director's biography

Media scholar Nadja Büchler has worked for many years in the film business and scenic projects before specializing in film production. The freelance camera operator, producer and cutter Benjamin Dornis is a college lecturer for composition, camera work and film production for social media at the university of Tübingen. In 2011 they both started the production company „“. Dr. Nicole Rieber, who has a PHD in psychology, works in the field of digital peace education and studies phenomena such as digital disinformation, social bots and hate speeches.

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