WaLa Program

Every year the WaLa International Film Festival takes place under a new motto. In line with this, we put together a varied programme of film screenings, exhibitions, seminars and discussions. Here you will find an overview of all the festivals that have taken place so far and the corresponding programmes.

Program 2019

A Piece of Happiness

July 19 — July 22, 2019

Over four days, filmmakers will present 24 short, medium and long films from eight countries, each with their own perspectives on the chosen theme, shaped by their culture, their tradition and their very different impressions, at three different venues.

Program 2018

Safety in Afghanistan

July 20 — July 23, 2018

This year WaLa is looking for the lost dignity of man under the motto »Security in Afghanistan«. For four days, 20 films by filmmakers of different nationalities will accompany us on our search.