SUN, 21.07.
8 pm

ISR 2018 · Dokumentary · 56 Min.
Director Shai Alexandroni
Language Hebrew with engl. SUB

Four women in their sixties speak about their charged relationships with their late mothers, the power relations in the family and the relationships with their own children.

Three of them are second-generation Holocaust survivors and one is of Yemenite origin. However, their sincerity eliminates all differences and intertwines their stories into one.

The setting of the film is combined with an artistic process: The use of unusual colors and special techniques responds to the stories and gives room for interpretation.

Shai Alexandroni

Shai Alexandroni

Director of Photography
Yvonne Miklos

Ami Drozd

Avi Benjamin

Sound design
Italy Tzidon


Shai Alexandroni


Director's biography

Shai Alexandroni practiced law for many years. At the same time he has always been interested in photography, art and languages. After getting an education at Musrara art school in Jerusalem, he has been concentrating on his artistic work for many years now. His art combines photography, engraving and painting techniques and has been on display in various galleries in Jerusalem and Jaffa. MOTHER TONGUE is his first film.

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