SUN 21.07.
11 am

US 2018 · Dokumentary · 93 min.
Director Shidan Majidi
Language English

The current climate of prejudice inspired this documentary, which is guaranteed to spark conversations about “otherness” and “oneness”. The film explores the lives of students from universities in Michigan, USA. The diverse group ranges from an African-American student from Flint who tells a story of its water crisis, a student from Mexico in fear of deportation, a Pakistani Muslim immigrant, an Interracial married couple, a #Me Too story, a gay couple living with chronic illness and a 66-year-old transgender student who was homeless and alcohol and drug-dependent but chose education over suicide. The message of the film is clear: we are all different but worth the same.

Shidan Majidi

Catherine Chapman

Director of photography
Sloan Inns

Chad Kremer

Levi Taylor

Sound design


Shidan Majidi, Shahrzad Maghsoudloo Mirafzali

MTO Productions

Director's biography

Shidan Majidi has been working in New York’s film and theater industries since 1991. He began as a volunteer at 52nd Street Project – an after school program focused on inner city youths telling their own stories using theater. Inspired by its empowerment and confidence-building scope, Majidi started more similar projects in New York and Toronto in the late 90s. For the past eighteen years, he has been working on Broadway for Producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh on some of the world’s most beloved musicals: CATS, LES MISÉRABLES, MISS SAIGON, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Considering recent developments in American society he tries to remind people that for all our physical differences, all men and women are equal in their hopes and dreams.

Director's filmography

Worked as Production Associate on the Academy and Golden Globe Award-winning film LES MISÉRABLES starring Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway and directed by Tom Hooper.

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