ELJA – 376 A.D.

FRI, 19.07.
8 pm

D 2017 · Feature film · 29 min.
Director Willi Kubica
Language Deutsch

The summer of 376 AD: The Gothic female warrior Elja is forced to give in to the Huns and seek shelter for herself and her clan within the Roman empire. However, in the Roman refugee camp other laws and customs apply whereupon Elja’s entire identity is put to the test: Neither her status as a warrior nor her gothic faith are accepted here. In spite of the language barrier Elja tries to understand the plans oft he Romans when tempers reach their boiling point and the situation escalates. The destiny of a Germanic family and its tribe reveals a historical perception on today’s migrational movements. Inspired by actual events.

Jana Klinge, Michael Rast, Johannes Meier, Matthias Kostya, Seraina Leuenberger, Daniel Holzberg, Patrick Kalupa

Willi Kubica

Janosch Kosack

Director of Photography
Rafael Starman

Moritz Poth

Meike Katrin Stein

Sound design
Simon Peter, Moritz Drath

Timon Dangel

Julia Deumling, Theresa Bacza

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH

Director's biography

After his A levels Willi Kubica worked as a production assistant in film and television. Between 2010 and 2013 he studied theatre-, film- and media studies in Vienna. During this time he also worked as an assistant to the director for various off-theatre-productions. In 2013 he got a place at the film academy in Baden-Württemberg for scenic film direction. Willi Kubica lives as a freelance script writer and director in Ludwigsburg and Berlin.

Director's filmography

  • 2018 | DIE GALERIE DER VERGESSENEN BERUFE | Kurzfilm, branded short
  • 2017 | DER GROSSE TAG | Kurzfilm, Komödie
  • 2017 | ELJA – 376 A.D. | Kurzfilm, Historisches Drama
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