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D 2016 · Feature film · 4 min.
Director Jean-Luc Julien
Language German with engl. SUB

A man struggles to overcome his nervousness with women in a bar when he stumbles upon words of wisdom in the bathroom.

Christian Harting, Rebekka Müller, Vanessa Montserrat Wittenbeck, Tobias Pilarski, Merle Fiona vor dem Gentschenfelde

Jean-Luc Julien

Jean-Luc Julien

Director of Photography
Markus Koepke

Maximilian Carus

Daniel Mihaila

Sound design
Sven Fackler


Oliver Theurich, Jean-Luc Julien

Anika Films

Director's biography

The french-german director Jean-Luc Julien obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater (acting/directing) from California State University in Los Angeles. While in L.A. he worked as a director in theater and film before returning to Germany where he continues working within the national and international entertainment industries. His films have been shown around the world and have won numerous awards (i.a. Best Film, Best Comedy Short, Best Short Foreign Language Film).

Director's filmography

  • “Limbo” (short film – Best Short Film, Best Dramatic Film, Best Script, Best Cinematography) 2017 Anika Films
  • “Unbreakable” (short documentary) 2017 Anika Films
  • “Berlin Halexanderplatz” (series pilot) 2017 Made From Concentrate Films
  • “Rewinder” (short film) – Best Sci-Fi Short Film, 1st Place International Competition) 2016 Anika Films
  • “Courage” (short film) – Gold Remi Award, Best Comedy, Best Foreign Language Film) 2016 Anika Films
  • “Language of Love” (short film) 2015 Anika Films
  • “Moments” (short film – Best New Filmmaker, People’s Choice Award Shepparton Shorts – Short Film Festival (Australia), 2014 Anika Films
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