Young men and women who weave their fate with a thread

The second “WaLa” International Film Festival devoted himself next to the primary task of the Film Festival with an exhibition of handmade rug with pictures from Afghan young men and women. 16 of these artful rugs were presented. Simabaf was responsible for the entire design and production process. This organization operated previously in Pakistan and Afghanistan under the name “Nadem Amin – Foundation for Art and Cultural Education”. Simabaf has therefore a total of more than 30 years of artistic experience.

Amine Nadem is the founder of Simabaf. He designs his objects from the inspiration of the socio-political and current issues in the society, Afghanistan and around the world. In another working step, he leaves his proposals to art petitors – young men and women. “We make all people of threads,” says Nadem.

In a certain way these rugs with printed pictures draw the most inhuman crises with all thin fibers in artistic elegance. More importantly, the warp ends are exactly even the most vulnerable part of this ravaged by war and disasters in the society, especially for young men and women. Simabaf provides them with physical, mental and psychological security by providing a secure environment for the formation of these most vulnerable populations.

The art of rug weaving is a world famous and highly development in Afghanistan. Knitting learned from Simabaf get faster ways to find a job and get higher pay than usual. In this way they can improve their future and their destiny, regardless of any current disasters and crises in the country and in the world.

The WaLa International Film Festival allows Simabaf with sincere effort to promote human dignity locally.

Simabaf offers its services to those in need in Kabul and Ghazni. Its main objective is the creation of jobs for young men and women under war conditions.

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