Report of the Selection Committee

Shortly before the end of the festival deadline, the selection committee began its work on 19 May 2019 in order to be able to evaluate the large number of films submitted.
We congratulate the selected films on their participation in this year’s WaLa International Film Festival.
Fortunately, the number of submitted films was high. Our selection committee was also positively surprised by the various perspectives on the difficult topic “In Search of Lost Human Dignity – A Piece of Happiness”.
From a flight story from the third century after Christ to the development of Vietnam’s society and economy by strong women, from secret engagement in traditional society to the struggle of some students in America for a better future, this year’s festival shows what happiness can mean in different cultures and countries. What is happiness for women in Israel? How do Afghan children try to reach their sweet childhood dreams? What does happiness mean to a Swiss who loses his pet? What happens to an Afghan woman who writes a letter to her president in search of happiness?
After viewing all the films, the selection committee selected 24 films from 8 countries for the second WaLa International Film Festival.
All 24 films will be judged according to three categories in the competition in Ladenburg from 19 July 2019 to 22 July 2019:
Short film, medium-length film and feature-length film.
We are looking forward to interesting films and exciting conversations!

Selected films

  1. A Letter to the President, Roya Sadat, 85 min Feature, Afghanistan 2016
  2. A rift in the soul, Ralf Kotschka, 82 min Doc, Germany 2017
  3. A Very Hard Sale, Morgan Ommer, 6.35 min Doc, Vietnam 2019
  4. Biscuit, Abdul Hamid Mandgar, 5.48 min Feature, Afghanistan 2018
  5. Can’t be Silent, Julia Olkers, 85 min Doc, Germany 2016
  6. Colorless, Abdul Hamid Mandgar, 7 min Feature, Afghanistan 2019
  7. Courage, Jean-Luc Julien, 04.04 min Feature, Germany 2016
  8. Dance in the dark, Sarajudden Bayat, 12 min Feature, Afghanistan 2019
  9. Dead Animals, David Oesch & Remo Rickenbacher, 5 min Feature, Switzerland 2018
  10. Elja – 376 A.D., Willi Kubica, 29.16 min Feature, Germany 2017
  11. February, Marlena Molitor, 12.37 min Doc, Germany 2017
  12. For Mum Who Made Me Sad, Natascha Zink, 5 min Feature, Germany 2016
  13. Ghazal, Abdul Hamid Mandgar, 11.26 min Feature, Afghanistan 2018
  14. Hiwwe wie Driwwe, Benjamin Wagener & Christian Schega, 91 min Feature, Germany 2019
  15. In a Whirlwind, Henrique Manuel Pereira, 30.57 min Doc, Portugal 2017
  16. In the name of Opium, S.Jalal Hussaini, 10 min Feature, Afghanistan 2010
  17. Me the “Other”, Shidan Majidi, 93 min Doc, USA 2018
  18. Moments, Jean-Luc Julien, 4.42 min Feature, Germany 2014
  19. Mother Tongue, Shai Alexandroni, 56 min Feature, Israel 2018
  20. My Dad wants to go Mecca, Hassan Natiqi, 14.45 min Feature, Afghanistan 2019
  21. Progress in the valley of the people who don’t know, Florian Kuhnert, 67 min Feature, Germany 2019
  22. Red Fish, Said Mohsen Hossaini, 3.40 min Animation, Norway 2018
  23. Yves’ Promise, Melanie Gärtner, 80 min Doc, Germany 2017
  24. Zwischen Welten, Nadja Büchler, Benjamin Dornis, Nicole Rieber, 33 min Doc, Germany 2016
  25. Midnight Traveler, Hassan Fazili, 87 min Doc, US, QA, CA, UK, AFG 2019
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