A Piece of Happiness

If you can’t drink the sea water empty, you have to taste it until you get thirsty.


Each living thing on our planet has its own specific, multi-faceted and unique interpretation and definition of “A Piece of Happiness” . WaLa is searching for a particular form of happiness, related to the preservation of human dignity. Dignity is the most basic, foundational and natural right of living things, especially for human beings. For many people today, human dignity is a precious treasure – but one that remains unattainable. WaLa attempts to demonstrate possibilities for people to reclaim their dignity with “A Piece of Happiness”. We believe that people can achieve happiness when their identity and dignity are made free from all forms of aggression. Attacks on human dignity are routine occurrences in today’s civilized world. There are many examples of religious, business, or political leaders who – despite all the power they have at their disposal – destroy, rather than protect, human dignity. The more power some of these leaders have, the greedier and more aggressive they become, causing them to suppress human dignity.

And so we invited all filmmakers who have presented films that share a perspective on „A Piece of Happiness“ to participate in the second WaLa International Film Festival.

The Organizer

The WaLa Freundschaft e.V. is the organizer of the WaLa International Film Festival. This non-profit organization was founded in 2018 with the purpose of using the medium of an international film festival to shine a light on situations of lost and restored human dignity.  The WaLa Freuneschaft e.V. has seven founding members: Thomas Gaisbauer, Renate Grams, Michaela Jaschke, Mohammad Hassan Nazeri, Nicole Neßling, Sabine Weil, and Rainer Ziegler.

The WaLa International Film Festival

The WaLa International Film Festival was founded in Ladenburg – a beautiful small city which dates back to the Roman Empire. Ladenburg also boasts a long medieval cultural and artistic history. The mayor of Ladenburg, Stefan Schmutz, is an important supporter and patron of the WaLa Festival – providing access to key administrative services and opening the door for other organizations to also support the Festival. The citizens of Ladenburg are not just passive film audience members, but rather they take an active part in sponsoring the event. For example, official festival guests are accommodated in private homes. A group of young Afghans living in and around Ladenburg provide delicious homecooked meals and serve as hosts, making all guests feel welcome and valued.

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